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RepoMax has developed a high profile auction program
for Trustee Asset Liquidation Services

RepoMax’s Trustee Services can handle any type of asset liquidation irrespective of inventory type:
● Personal Assets
● Business Assets
● Capital Goods
● Raw Materials
● Interim Work Products

Using a nationwide network of contacts we provide a market for your assets to derive maximum value by connecting to the right buyers.

Based on the requirements specific to the asset liquidation, Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or simply the desire to monetize assets, we will develop a plan to execute sale as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once the plan is in place, we will prepare a detailed inventory with supporting documentation such as each lot and items description which will include photos (where appropriate) for later distribution to our network of buyers.

Using this as a fundamental foundation, RepoMax’s Trustee Services develops a valuation to serve as a guideline for your auction items. Our approach will ensure maximum capital recovery for your items.

All items are protected and sell subject to Trustee’s approval of high bid if required. We can liquidate goods directly from the facilities they are in. In cases where you need to immediately vacate buildings for a sale or lease end, we can move inventory to one or more of our facilities.

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