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RepoMax has developed a high profile auction program
for Real Estate Agent Property Services

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RepoMax offers a very comprehensive program for Real Estate Agents for residential
and commercial properties.

Keeping a property in a clean marketable condition is important in today’s economy. Whether you are working with clients looking to rid themselves of accumulated items prior to a move or short sale, or need to clean up a foreclosed property prior to putting it on the market, we pride ourselves in being one of the top property liquidation specialists.

We know how to quickly develop a marketing program which will allow us the opportunity to maximize capital potential at one of our sales, which will lead to a faster and greater cash recovery.

● For your Client – Pre-Sale Services

If your client is selling because of retirement, short sale, or downsizing; responsible for an estate, or even closing a business; you now can offer your sellers an affordable alternative to costly storage or disposal, with the ability to convert their items to cash!

● For the Realtor – Post-Sale Services

This program is tailored for Real Estate agents faced with the challenge of removing abandoned property from a home or business as a result of a Foreclosure. Normally, due to time constraints, property left on the premises is usually discarded as a result of paying a company for quick removal.

From valuation to clean up, to preparation for sale, through marketing, RepoMax can help! We know what it takes to get the most capital return on assets in the quickest time possible.

One of the major reasons for RepoMax’s successful track record is that we have implemented the use of the most advanced technology and have an innovative Professional work force of Marketing and Sales Professionals.

Every asset is unique in its challenges, benefits and selling points. From our nationwide network of resources, we select an appropriate team of experts to match each asset’s challenges.

Request More Information on our Real Estate Agent Services Program. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate why we are Michigan’s top auction liquidation service.

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