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RepoMax has developed a high profile auction program
for Product & Store Returns Liquidation Solutions

Product Liquidation

RepoMax is one of the leading liquidation sources of surplus inventories for both sellers and buyers. RepoMax liquidates merchandise daily, weekly or monthly. Sellers will benefit from our services by receiving greater recovery values on their inventories.

RepoMax’s online auctions website,, will show you how to maximize your capital returns on your surplus inventory.

RepoMax offers a full range of product liquidation services, including sales, marketing, warehousing, transportation and maximum capital recovery.

RepoMax is your leader in the product liquidation industry with our ability to add value during the capital recovery process. Using the state of the art technology and marketing processes developed for RepoMax, the products are inspected and put into lots based on the products type, age, condition and other factors. It is then photographed and detailed descriptions are written. It is then marketed through multiple channels for its upcoming sale for rapid liquidation and maximum capital recovery value.

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Store Returns Liquidation

If your company has an overabundance of store returns that you need to liquidate fast for maximum capital recovery, RepoMax can help. We are the one of the largest provider of store returns liquidation services with a global network of buyers. These buyers – which are thrift, consignment, resale shops, mom and pop retailers, small liquidation companies, flea marketers, and entrepreneurs, use RepoMax as their primary source to purchase inventory.

Work with a Returns Specialist

Unlike other commercial liquidators, RepoMax offers pick up service for your store returns. If you sell your products through national retailers, chances are good that we already process at least a portion of your returns. In fact, we are one of the only store returns liquidators that will purchase your returns inventory out right from you if you choose. The benefit is that you will receive a check 7 business days after the items are received in our warehouse and processed.

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Store returns are time consuming and can cause you a loss of revenue, they are also a messy management challenge. Why would you want to invest more of your resource time and money to process this devalued inventory?

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