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RepoMax has developed a high profile auction program

for Municipalities


RepoMax is your number one source to turn your municipal assets into quick cash. This is done through our large and highly successful state-of-the-art online auctions. Here at RepoMax, we provide you with an incomparable amount of buyer-specific statewide print and nationwide digital advertisement. RepoMax provides municipalities with the maximum return on their assets, while executing in a timely manner and eliminating unproductive property on your books. Our unmatched services here at RepoMax have proven effective and successful amongst a wide variety of municipal properties. These services include tax possession property (property that has been foreclosed on for tax purposes), vacant land and surplus real estate that is owned by a municipality, tax title assignments, police and fire department assets, bus and transportation equipment, heavy machinery, etc. If you’re a municipality, count on the experts at RepoMax to help you balance your budget.


Municipalities throughout Michigan have faced struggles due to the ailing economy. Let the experts at RepoMax provide you with solutions to effectively liquidate your tax possessions. With the aid of multiple media bases, RepoMax will provide their efficient services to advertise your assets to an abundance of competitive qualified buyers. The experts at RepoMax understand your needs and will adequately convert your possessions into revenue in a timely fashion.


Comparable to tax lien auctions, RepoMax provides municipalities with extensive tax title assignment auction services. The specialists at RepoMax utilize their programs to provide appeal to interested third party investors that are fit for “receivable position” and are able to purchase the municipality’s tax titles for the full amount and settle within a short timeframe. The experts at RepoMax will simplify the process, taking the work and worry off of your shoulders. The specially designed auction site provides bidding investors with the transparency and capability of not being required to attend the auction in person. In addition to these capabilities, RepoMax takes full advantage of their marketing resources to ensure that your municipality is presented to a wide audience of interested investors.

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