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RepoMax has developed a high profile auction program
for the sale of heavy equipment and machinery

RepoMax’s high profile auction program offers risk free piece of mind that allows consignors to set minimum reserves, guaranteeing that the equipment cannot be sold for less than what you need!

Our auctions have bidders from different states where your equipment is needed. If you are interested in selling trucks or equipment whether it’s one piece or an entire fleet, RepoMax can provide you with a solution that works. We have flexible agreement options and we’ll work with you to adapt them to suit almost any situation. Moreover, the frequency of our auctions provides us the ability to handle even the most urgent situations.

By selling your equipment in a RepoMax auction, you are truly selling your equipment to the world. We have a bidder base of more than 117,000 bidders because they know they can count on RepoMax to provide a good selection of heavy equipment.

Unparalleled Marketing

Our intensive marketing program ensures that our potential buyers are promptly informed about upcoming equipment for auction. For each and every auction held, every registered buyer receives an email letting them know about our auctions and what will be in them. In addition to emailing our registered buyer base our Marketing and Sales Professionals will implement an advertising campaign that is setup and handled for you. We have over 117,000 registered buyers in our network and depending on the equipment type and the auction advertising budget, this may also include flyers, postcards, catalogs, direct mailings, newspaper ads, trade publications and even web pages and TV spots.

The RepoMax web site allows customers to:
● View upcoming online auctions and item details
● Choose items to “watch” in current online auctions
● View completed auctions, item details and results

Valuing Your Equipment

RepoMax can help you with valuing your equipment, we have the know-how and expertise to provide accurate current market values.

Refurbishing and Repairs

Our experience shows that the better your equipment looks, the better it sells. To help you achieve the best possible price for you, RepoMax often makes recommendations for repairs and refurbishment, which can be completed at our facilities for your convenience.

Auction Day

Selling upwards of 1,000 items at every auction, including everything from welders to the largest of yellow iron, RepoMax plans and organizes the sale in a logical order.

After the Auction

When you consign your equipment at RepoMax, we take care of all the details. We help consignors with all their equipment no matter the make, model, manufacturer, age or value.

No need to worry about collecting from multiple buyers and receivables. After the auction we handle the collections, take care of sales tax issues, and pay out net proceeds directly to you in less than 20 days.

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